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There’s always plenty to do in Lincoln whatever the weather or time of year you visit us, but next month there’s a special event on which the city’s most famous attractions are taking part in. The Discover Lincolnshire weekend takes place on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of March and features special events and free admission to attractions all over the county, as well as here in Lincoln.


Meet Our Gargoyle

Welcome to the Cathedral View blog!

If you’re wandering down Eastgate to for from Cathedral View and you get the feeling you’re being watched, don’t worry, it’s probably just our gargoyle.

We say our gargoyle, even though he’s actually part of the cathedral, because he was put up specially to watch our building.

Gargoyle which watches cathedral view guest house LincolnLincoln Guesthouse - Cathedral View Blog

Back in the 17th century, when Cathedral View was still the Black Horse, many of the clergy from the cathedral used to drink in there. Legend has it that one Bishop was concerned that some of them were, let us say, forgetting their calling, so he had the gargoyle put there to remind them that god – and their earthly superiors – were watching them and noticing their misdeeds.

The Black Horse closed as a pub in the early 70s, so our gargoyle hasn’t had any errant clergy to spy on for quite a while. We assume he’s spending his retirement people watching on Eastgate, so if you’re passing by, don’t forget to say hello!

Eastgate - Cathedral View Guest House Lincoln

 If you want to be watched (in the good way!) by our gargoyle, or just fancy a mid-week or weekend get away, then book a room at our gorgeous B&B now! Rooms fill up fast so make sure you plan well ahead.

A Find in room 7!

When you restore a historic building, something interesting invariably turns up, under floorboards or behind panelling for instance. While we were restoring Cathedral View we made an interesting find in room seven – that’s the big attic room at the top of the house.

When we were working on a piece of Georgian panelling, we found some crumpled pieces of newspaper stuffed behind. Newspaper has often been used in old buildings as extra insulation or to plug up gaps. 
What we’d found was scraps from two copies of Bells Life in London, one dated Sunday 16th August 1835, the other from a Sunday in April, presumably in the same year. 
After spending roughly 175 years behind the panelling, the pieces are quite dirty but for the most part still readable, giving an interesting glimpse into various aspects of life nearly two centuries ago.  We see reports of a night-time fete in Vauxhall Gardens and advertisements for beaver fur hats and passages on steam ships. More sinisterly, the “Assizes Intelligence” column has the murders of the day including the arsenic poisoning of a Clara Ann Smith of Bristol by her landlady Mary Ann Burdock.  Here’s a sample of some other stories!
“The Easter hunt to-morrow promises a splendid turn-out of Cockney sportsmen. The preparations for the accommodation of man and horse along the line of the road are upon an extensive scale. Several knackers’ carts have been placed at convenient distances to bring home the killed and wounded. The cats of the metropolis are in high glee at the prospect of abundance, as the market during the past week has been ill-supplied”
“THE FEMALE SAILOR- This eccentric individual arrived in Donegal by the Derry Mail on Friday last. As soon as it was understood who she was, a vast crowd collected to see her; but the sailor hurried to the house of her sister, in the back-lane, where she remains at present, we believe. We were fortunate enough to have seen the young woman, and certainly consider her admirably adapted to personate a sailor”
“FORGERY- At the Gloucester Assizes Mr. John Forbes, who is an architect of great celebrity at Cheltenham, and who among other works built the celebrated Pittsville Spa, was indicated for forging an acceptance of a bill of exchange, which was drawn upon William Prosser, jun. Of Tivoli, Cheltenham.-The prisoner was found Guilty, and sentenced to be transported for life”
This publication could be received by post 200 miles from London, so could have been ordered by those in Lincoln who wanted to keep up with what was going on in the metropolis and elsewhere. Alternately, a traveller staying at the Black Horse Chambers may have brought them with him from the capital to read on the long coach journey (upwards of three days with stops overnight!). Who knows!
1835 newspaper found at Cathedral View guest house Lincoln
Look what we found in one of the bedrooms - Cathedral View Guesthouse
1895 Newspaper - Cathedral View Guesthouse Lincoln
Old newspaper found in our Lincoln guesthouse
We found this 1835 newspaper while restoring our Lincoln guesthouse
Found at Cathedral View Guesthouse, Lincoln
Newspaper we found in our guest house, Lincoln
Bells Life in London from 1835, found in our Lincoln guesthouse
Newspaper we found while restoring our Lincoln guesthouse
Newspaper found in Cathedral View Guesthouse, Lincoln
Newspaper found while restoring Cathedral View Guesthouse, Lincoln
Bells Life in London - found while restoring our Lincoln guesthouse
Found while restoring Cathedral View Guesthouse, Lincoln
1835 newspaper found while restoring our Lincoln guesthouse
Bells Life in London - found behind paneling in our Lincoln guesthouse
Bells Life in London - found while restoring Cathedral View Guesthouse, Lincoln

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